Using Social Media To Grow A Frozen Yogurt Franchise is a start-up social news, photo, and video sharing site that was created by frozenyogurt-kiosk (Medium)former users of As a newly opened group, uses marketing techniques to gain visibility in our market through online media. Check out several advocacy for health, sports, technology and this site. One of the ways for our mission to be seen and heard is through helping small start up businesses that will invite local and national community to support our organization. One of our successful campaigns for business is supporting food franchise chains like frozen yogurt franchise. We advertise using our own website and other social media sites as our most consistent platform for promotion. Since self-serve frozen yogurt shops are considered a recession-proof business model, this caught the attention of aspiring entrepreneurs which then increased the number of registrants to our site. A member can access to resources and links on how to start your own yogurt franchise and list of suppliers of frozen yogurt machine and equipment. Check out how you can get started here. Every now and then, research and poll surveys are conducted through our website to guide future entrepreneurs in starting their own yogurt business. Free marketing materials shared by other members like photos and other portfolios are downloadable from the site. This business campaign has also helped us push our health awareness programs because of the nutritional content of frozen yogurt. We at understands the importance of health, so we had a fund raising campaign through our site and shared this information to social networking sites to support a fun run and encouraged food entrepreneurs especially frozen yogurt business owners to set up their yogurt kiosks during the event. Hundreds of people lined up to get their free yogurt swirls and got to choose their own toppings.   It was a perfect opportunity for franchise owners to advertise their product and to send the message to people the value of a healthy lifestyle. As our community continues to grow, we at will strive harder to share information about our mission and programs and keep all information up to date and maintain consistent campaigns for the benefit of all users.